At Lynx Recruitment your desk is your business...literally 

At Lynx Recruitment we treat you, the consultant, the same as we would any client. We consider ourselves fortunate to have the fantastic staff we do and have a genuine interest in helping them build a successful brand based on reputation, strong personal profile and repeat business.


We love what we do and believe that when done right recruitment, is one of the best careers out there. Unfortunately, many agencies are built around short-term transactions and targets that put undue pressure on consultants. More often than not this tends to result in suboptimal results for the client, the candidate and hurts the reputation of the recruiter.       


We firmly believe the days of Blanket KPI’s, Cold Calling, Dress Codes & Fixed Hours are long gone. We look to inspire and power our consultants by offering the following:


  • Remote working

  • A non-transactional, long-term approach to recruitment

  • Excellent commissions 

  • Unlimited leave & flexible hours

  • Freedom and support to create your own personal brand

  • Pathway to business ownership

  • Mentorship both internal & external

  • Promote physical and mental wellbeing

  • Inclusive collaborative team environment 


​​Ultimately our goal is, and always will be, to provide the best possible environment for experienced recruiters who are relationship-driven and want to carve out a name for themselves. We also want to see our consultants succeed financially and invest their hard-earned commissions wisely.


If you are committed to your clients and your future, get in touch with Peter Stewart today at for a confidential discussion.