Sales & Marketing

Recruiting and retaining top salespeople is probably the most loathed and misunderstood part of any business. The ramifications of hiring the wrong salesperson and or account manager spreads much further than just a decrease in sales. It can impact your entire team culture, your company’s reputation, current client satisfaction and have a detrimental impact on the bottom line.


However, like all risks in business, there is a substantial upside to getting it right. Hiring the right salesperson will increase your sales, enhance the performance and culture of your team, have a significant impact on current client relationships and most importantly a dramatic effect on the bottom line.


At Lynx Recruitment not only do we specialise in recruiting top Sales Reps, Managers, Account Managers and Business Development Managers we love it! Recruiting a salesperson should and can be one of the most exciting parts of owning a business. The upside, when done correctly, is infinite and it can truly alter the future performance of your business for years to come.


At Lynx, our consultants are heavily experienced in sales recruitment. We are trained to look right through the bravado and buzz-words to establish who can add significant value to your business and walk the talk.


We have expertise in recruiting the following positions:


  • Sales representative

  • Account manager

  • Key account manager

  • Business development manager

  • Sales manager

  • Branch or regional manager

  • Architectural Specification Salespeople

  • Sales Engineers

  • Sales Estimators

  • Technical Sales Representatives


Please contact a Lynx consultant today to unlock the true potential of your business by working with us closely to ensure this opportunity is realised and the best sales talent is put forward to you.