At Lynx Recruitment we partner with your business to find you the best talent. We represent your business to potential applicants by talking them through not only the role, but also your company culture and employer benefits.

The single biggest indicator of a company's success is its ability to attract hire and retain top talent. New Zealand is in a unique position to benefit from the effects of Covid 19, there has never been a better time to attract and recruit top talent locally and abroad.

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies we are solely focused on the best interests of our clients businesses and operate through a long-term lens as we believe long lasting successful business relationships done right can have a significant impact on the growth of the business.

To speak with one of our team please call us on 098830585, email info@lynxrecruitment.co.nz, or visit Our Team to contact the right Consultant for you. 

"I have dealt with many recruitment companies over the years and Lynx has been the best experience and service to date"


Programmed Property Services Ltd 

"We found the Lynx service to be prompt, professional and effective"

Cape Interiors Ltd