Principal Recruiter


Oisin brings to the team at Lynx significant experience in recruiting temporary staff for construction businesses and has played an integral part in helping his clients deliver some of Auckland’s iconic commercial and infrastructure projects.


What separates Oisin from his competitors is his unprecedented desire to deliver for his clients and foster long term relationships built on trust, honesty, and reliability.


Oisin covers the following trades:


•  Plumber Pipefitters  

•  Electricians

•  Mechanics & Welders

•  Carpenters Civil & Commercial

•  Builders

•  Heavy Equipment Operators 

•  Labourers


Hailing from the great city of Dublin (Ireland) he is an avid supporter of Irish road racing and a motorbike fanatic and is partial to a whisky from time to time.


If you have upcoming projects that need resourcing, then look no further than Oisin to take away the stress of resourcing to ensure you projects get delivered on time and on budget.