Attract the talent you actually want.

Updated: Jun 9

Recruiting quality talent is not as easy as many may think. You may have candidates flooding into your inbox from a job advert and think it’s time to put your feet up, but it’s about taking the time to filter through those to find a candidate with the skills and expertise that will also fit in with your company culture.

What steps should a company be taking to have the best chance of attracting the quality candidates?

Job Ad - Craft a job ad that accurately reflects the position; not just a generalised ad. Make sure all technical requirements of the role are described and ensure your company’s strengths and culture are made clear so the candidate knows why your work place is a good choice.

Be Proactive – Keep your eyes and ears open for top candidates whether you are hiring or not and maintain a database of these people, so you have a pool of people to reach out to when the opportunity arises. If somebody comes across your radar who seems like a perfect fit, take the chance to connect with him or her about the opportunity in a friendly way.

Promote what makes you unique – To attract the right talent, you need to promote your company as a brand. Start by thinking about what sets you apart from other employers. What makes your company the best to work for and try to be specific on employee benefits I.e. birthday off or mental health resources. Try asking your employees why they wanted to work with your company, this should help determine a few key reasons your workplace is different from others.

Employee happiness – Company culture makes a huge impact on whether people want to work at your company or not (they are there 5 days a week in most cases!). Open communication, embracing failure and a good work/life balance are valued as good aspects of company culture. Your employees are a great way to advertise your company culture, a post on social media can go along way; even a blog or news article on your digital platforms of great things happening in your company.

Opportunity for growth - Make sure you express that you will be providing relevant training and development opportunities. Set reward structures in place so they can see that their efforts are valued and do not go unnoticed.


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