Business Post-Pandemic

Alright, its time to take off the track pants and slippers and get back on track.

Its time to prepare for the post-pandemic consumer.

Your website

· Is it up to date?

· Is it user friendly?

· Do you have information on your new policies and procedures?

· Have you altered your opening/closing hours? Nothing worse than a 1-star review because a customer turned up and you were closed. Keep those rating up!

Mobile experience

Don’t ruin your consumer mobile experience with desktop experiences. You will have a higher chance of conversion if their journey is mobile friendly.

Expand your social presence

Some people are still working from home, get on Instagram and let everyone know what you are up to. Consumers want to see a friendly face.

Re-introduce yourself

Start a fresh. Introduce an offer, a simple gesture can affect your business for good. People have lost their jobs and had a decrease in salary, seeing a company offer something small or big purchase will go a long way.

Health & Safety

This is paramount. Your consumers will want to know what you are doing to be within regulations. Have you introduced contact-less payments to make life convenient and safe for your customers? Make sure you add this to your social media or website, so they are informed.

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