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Career-changing candidates, are they risky?

By Ashlee Kellett

The short answer is absolutely not!

I get clients asking for experience within the industry a lot. But I can see it taking a shift, especially with the candidate shortage. While it's preferable in some cases, candidates from another industry can provide a fresh set of eyes. They can bring new ideas to the role and have insights that could prove valuable.

The saying goes, 'if it ain't broke, it doesn't mean it can't be improved.' But then we can find ourselves on repeat, which doesn't leave any room for innovation, new strategies, and potentially an untouched market that isn't generally thought of. When interviewing, ask the candidate to give examples of how they would utilise their skills or experience to bring fresh ideas and what they would do differently. In conclusion, allow candidates to bring a new perspective – you might be surprised by the answer.

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