Golf & Business

Simon our Recruiter/ ex-Golfer has linked characteristics between Golf & Business.

So, what are the similar characteristics?

· Assessing what you want to achieve – are you looking to simply finesse your skills or achieve something big next year? In consultancy for example the initial brief is the most important part of the project and will determine expectations.

· Once we understand the brief, we establish a series of smaller steps which, when all taken together, address the overall objective. We take it all back to basics and then rebuild.

· The back-to-basics approach - we look at how a step-by-step approach to teaching golf measures remarkably close with the way business projects can be addressed.

· Quickly and effectively implement new strategies. This is certainly relevant to the recent pandemic.

· Golf, your business and your life are like a chain – you always have to work on the weakest links.


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