Onboarding and why it is important

The onboarding process starts as soon as you offer somebody a job. Effective onboarding is a dynamic and ongoing process that maximises the chances of long-term success for both employee and employer.

You need to engage your new starters before day one. You want is to get people confident, competent, and feeling a sense of belonging. Ensure the company culture expectations are clear even at the interview stage. Make sure to clarify your Company’s goals and vision, and how the different levels of organisational structure work together to achieve these goals.

Your onboarding process should not be one day, it should vary in length depending on the nature of the role and should include activities i.e. performance review after 30 days. Make sure there is a clear plan for the first few weeks of what is to come discussed with the employee.

Introduce the employee to ALL staff where possible, especially executives so they feel cared for and important.

Tech is the new learning ecosystem – make sure you can adapt your induction for online, especially when they could be asked to work from home. Give the new starter e-learning/training before they start. A software portal is a useful place for employees to keep track of expectations, resources as well as social opportunities.


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