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Our Values

We PRIDE (see what we did there?) ourselves on providing excellent service to our clients and candidates. To help keep us focused on our goals, we look towards 5 values; Performance, Responsibility, Integrity, Delivery and Expertise. Here’s a breakdown of our values and how we apply them in our day to day activities.


When we talk about performance, we talk about the daily activities we do, the habits we create and the energy we put into everything we do. Performance is measured both by the volume of activity along with the intensity and quality that goes into the activity.


At Lynx, we give our people high levels of trust and ownership through being responsible for certain tasks and outcomes. With this responsibility comes an obligation to deliver and with that comes accountability. Our staff are responsible for representing the Lynx brand, delivering for clients and candidates and ultimately their own level of success.


Creating a culture of integrity and accountability not only improves effectiveness, it also generates a respectful, enjoyable and rewarding setting in which to work.

When we talk about integrity, we refer to our systems and processes along with the fellow team members holding us accountable for operational excellence, allowing us to deliver the best possible client/candidate experience across the board.


Recruitment is all about delivery.

In recruitment, you need to deliver the right candidates- and fast! Delivery also refers to how everything we do is packaged up, such as how we present ourselves, our emails and our appearance.


We are experts in what we do, not just in terms of the recruitment process but also in the industry we work in.

It’s our skills, knowledge and expertise that add value to our clients' businesses, give them the confidence to hire effectively and grow with confidence.

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