The Lynx 7 Step Recruitment Process

The following 7 step programme is intended to give businesses a structure to follow when recruiting to ensure they get it right the first time.


Clearly define what the job is before starting your recruitment process

Prepare a detailed professional job description

Set a time frame for when the perfect start date would be for your business


Prepare the marketing collateral to attract the right candidate through addressing key motivators

Choose the correct channels to market the role. Seek, Trademe, LinkedIn or Facebook etc

Give the marketing time to work, the first to apply are not necessarily the best


Take the time to screen the applications for the most suitable candidates

Let the unsuccessful candidates know they are unsuccessful to ensure your brand does not get damaged


Prepare relevant interview questions and set out a structure for the interviews

Conduct detailed interviews that allow both parties to get a good understanding of each other

Where possible, get them to meet the team or visit sites to see them in a team environment


Conduct a minimum of two references

Use psychometric testing or skill-based assessments where necessary

Conduct background checks and confirm qualifications where necessary


Prepare and present the offer

Pre-empt potential counter offers

Agree on start times


Get everything ready for their arrival such as business cards to ensure a smooth first day

Have a detailed outline of what their first 90 days will look like

Have a welcoming morning tea or team drinks booked in for when the candidate starts

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