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What to Wear to an Interview

It’s the classic question – what do I wear my interview? When you may already be feeling anxious about the occasion, dressing to impress is the cherry on the cake. We’re here to let you know not to worry. When it comes to dressing for interviews, there’s a few simple factors to remember:

1) Consider the setting

You want to present yourself well to your (hopefully) future employer. The best advice we can give is to dress as if you’re already hired – in other words, do some research and examine the company culture. Even if the organisation is pretty casual, it’s still a good idea to dress it up a little for the purpose of first impressions. Remember, this doesn’t mean dressing to the nines and showing up at the head office looking like you’re the CEO! If you’re still uncertain about how to dress, simply ask your Lynx recruiter – we’ve placed hundreds of candidates, so it’s fair to say we know our stuff.

2) Confidence is key

Looking smart is all well and good, but being calm is just as vital. An interview is the opportunity for you to express yourself and your skills to the employer – it’s a cliché, but remember to be yourself! Dressing up in a suit or heels that you’ve never worn or dug out the depths of your wardrobe will only increase your unease. Feeling good in what you’re wearing will help to ease your nervousness and aid in acing the interview.

3) Some top tips

  • Don’t wear clothing that’s too tight or too loose – remember you want to be comfortable and professional

  • Steer clear of pastel or light coloured items if you’re prone to sweat

  • Ensure your clothes are ironed and clean – creased or smelly clothing gives the impression you aren’t committed to presenting yourself well

  • Interviewing on Zoom? These rules still apply! The las thing you want is business on top and trackpants on the bottom – you don’t know if you may need to stand up!

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