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Why Businesses Should Use a Recruiter

Using a recruitment agency can be a cost-effective and efficient alternative to an in-house team or HR manager. Not only can a recruitment agency help take the stress out of the in-house hiring process, but it also gives you access to a larger pool of suitable candidates. At Lynx Recruitment, we partner with your business to find you the best talent. We represent your business to potential applicants by talking them through not only the role but also your company culture and employer benefits.

Here are some other benefits to using a recruitment agency to fill your next role:

Time Saving

We understand time is of the essence, so our recruiters at Lynx are here to do the work for you in order for you spend time on other tasks.

  • Spending hours or days sifting through applications? A recruiter can save your valuable time by doing the work for you, enabling you to focus only on the short-listed candidates

  • We can handle the admin side of the process – whether its scheduling interviews, verifying candidate details (such as performing reference and qualification checks), communicating with successful candidates and providing feedback to the unsuccessful ones. Here at Lynx, we want to find you the perfect fit your business so we go the extra mile to ensure all the boxes are checked


In a fast-moving and ever-growing industry such as construction, our team works productivity alongside your business to fulfil your needs.

  • Our specialist construction recruitment experience can help make the process smoother for both you, our client, and our candidates. We’re happy to advise on market trends and suitable candidates

  • With access to a large pool of candidates, we can help to fill temp and contractor roles much faster than an in-house team

Other Benefits

There are plenty of benefits to using a recruiter for your future hires – here are some of the most prominent:

  • We take the stress out of writing and posting job ads – just give us a run-through of your needs and leave the rest to us!

  • Using a recruiter reduces the risk of a ‘bad hire’ thanks to our experience and knowledge of vetting and placing great candidates

  • Using Lynx’s services long-term can help your business by allowing us to know your culture, wants and needs – we’ll know if someone is a great fit for your vacant role , reducing the length of the hiring process.

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