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Would you hire you based on your CV?

By Ashlee Kellett

Ask yourself this question and see what comes up for you. Resistance, Doubt, Fear? If the answer isn't 'Heck Yes,' how do you expect the employer to hire you?

Do your skills transfer to the role you're applying for? And how? Instead of listing your job duties, use them to provide examples of how you performed doing the tasks. For example, think about how you effectively ran your portfolio for sales roles and give examples. What was your portfolio worth? Have you increased the dollars? Did you encompass solution selling, and how? How much did you increase/improve your territory, and how? How much business did you gain, and what methods did you utilise. What were your key achievements in the role that a potential employer can see you benefiting their company? Do you have a network that can cross into the new role?

How did you make the company increase profit, save money, or improve processes/systems? How did you contribute to the company mission/culture?

Use bullet points and simplify your CV as much as possible. Remember, the employer will have a lot of CVs to go through, and you want to stand out amongst the crowd. The more precise and more concise you can be, the better!

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