Your Personal Brand Statement

Personal branding gives people a competitive advantage when it comes to job opportunities. A good personal brand statement can make you stand out from the rest and be distinctive of you. Whether you are looking at career options or wanting a pay rise, knowing what differentiates you from others will be key to securing your future roles.

Spend time developing your unique personal statement, make sure it sums up your unique offering. Shaping this will enable you to produce engaging content throughout your online profiles and leverage social media to communicate your brand. This is such an easy and powerful marketing tool!

Tips on writing your personal brand statement

Attributes – You need to note one or two skills or qualities you believe separate you from the others and make you unique.

Audience – Create a statement that will align with potential employers, it should align with the industry you are targeting. Make it short and punchy, less is more they say keep it only one or two short sentences.

Honesty – Stay authentic. We know it’s tempting to exaggerate your abilities but don’t call yourself an expert at something if you aren’t. The aim of the statement is to get people interested in you, don't go overboard.

Other people’s impressions – If you having trouble brainstorming your skills and attributes, try asking a close friend or colleague if they agree with your chosen words.

Market yourself – Be confident, your statement won’t help you if you can’t back yourself. Make sure you are active on your social media accounts and personal website (if applicable). Make sure are consistent across social platforms and having your brand statement on these will make you memorable.

Keep it current – Make sure your statement is revised throughout the year to stay current with your changes in your professional career.

Now, its over to you!


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