We understand that it is tough out there and Recruitment fees might not be feasible for your Company right now. So, we have created the Recruitment Shop. Your one-stop-shop to finding your next skilled employee.


Recruiting a new staff member can be time intensive, you also might not have the systems or procedures in place to handle a large amount of enquiry. There is also the risk of damaging your Company's reputation with non-communication or rejection. Not to mention the tiring amount of phone calls or door knockers when you have listed your advert.

Lynx Recruitment are an expert team with your best interests in mind. We will ensure you have all the bases covered and have the best candidate possible suiting your Company Values and Culture. 

With the Recruitment Shop, there are no hidden fees and proven strike rates. 

Create Job Specifications

The first and most important step; what and who are you wanting to hire?

Lynx will meet with you in person, Zoom or over a coffee (or beer!) to discuss what and who it is you are specifically looking for including:

  • Discuss market, hiring and talent trends

  • Learn more about you and your business

  • Create a job description for you

  • Produce a hiring timeline


Post Job Adverts

To reach the best possible target audience, Lynx will post the job advertisements via different social channels including SEEK, Trademe, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.


In order to keep your company confidential to resist job seekers from knocking down your doors, Lynx will front all of the branding and keep your details private. 


The Bundle

We will create your Job Specification, write the Job Advert, post the Job Advert on your behalf, Screen, Shortlist and Reference Check to bring you the best possible candidates.


Write Job Adverts

To ensure you attract the right talent, Lynx will carefully craft job advertisements that match the requirements of the job descriptions.


To ensure we are reaching the correct target audience, Lynx will use strategic wording and cues depending on who the job is targeting.


Upon completion, we will send you a draft to check. 


Screen, Shortlist & Reference Check

Lynx use an ATS system to help sort, screen and rank the hundreds of CVS that we receive. We will also:

  • Conduct phone screening

  • Conduct an interview in person either at Lynx HQ or travel to the candidate

  • If for some reason we cannot meet our candidate in person, Lynx will conduct a ZOOM meeting via video

Upon finding three of the best and most competent candidates, we will conduct reference checks and then send you transcripts and a shortlist.

All you have to do is sit back, relax and choose a time/day to interview your candidates!


Call us today to get started on the hiring process. T's & C's Apply.